Thank you everyone for your great comments on my previous image!

I’ve neglected Tumblr for too long now…


This little fox kit is no bigger than a house cat and is just as curious. It took a few minutes but her(?) curiosity compelled her to emerge from the shadows and see what all the clicking was about…

self-xpression replied to your photo: Purple Power I would totally drive one of these…
I can see why!
Well, thank you for your lovely comment June! :)

tinktastichana replied to your photo: Foxy Friday

and he’s a curious fox!

Oh yes, and very friendly… as friendly as you would expect a wild animal to be, anyway! Thanks, Hana!!

One thing I love about Washington, you can still buy some seriously cool fireworks, legally, even! :) #fireworks #fireworksphotography



Happy 4th! He’s jumping for joy, bwahaha!



Awesome, speechless!

This little guy waits patiently for his siblings to pop out of the culvert they use to cross under the road, clever little fox kits! I saw this in sharp B&W before the camera reached my face…


"Bill Cosby" - Illustration by Sam Spratt

It’s been. .. awhile, but it feels great to make something that wasn’t for a client or shrouded in NDAs.

This is awesome!